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Steve Ward


Steve is a trader performance coach, who has spent over 17 years working with traders and portfolio managers at some of the world’s largest and highest performing banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses, energy and utility companies, and proprietary trading groups.

Steve is the author of ‘Bulletproof Trader’, ‘Tradermind’, ‘High Performance Trading’ and ‘Sports Betting To Win’, and co-author of the ‘Traders Mind Journal’ and ‘Performance Mind Journal’.

He co-managed a team of 45 proprietary traders in London, was the consultant trading performance coach to the BBC TV series ‘Million Dollar Traders’, and spent a number of years trading stock indicies and FX on his own account.

Michael Katz

Trade The Pool

Michael is a stock day trader veteran with more than 15 years of trading experience.
He built and managed one of the largest trading prop firms in Tel-Aviv, and mentored thousands of traders worldwide. Michael is the CEO of Trade The Pool, a leading funding company for stock traders.

Mark Holstead


Mark is the host of the YouTube channel “UK Spread Betting” with over 350k subscribers and is the founder of the Traders Mastermind trading community and podcast.

His highly acclaimed channel covers everything that a trader would need to consider as they improve their trading performance, from mindset to markets to indicators.

Mark has been successfully trading since 2001 specialising in the US equity and futures markets focussing on price action and is a superb presenter and trainer and has developed several trader-training programs and is an outstanding speaker on peak performance tactics and the mindset required to consistently trade at a high level.

Glen Goodman

Glen Goodman


Glen Goodman is the author of bestselling book The Crypto Trader, published in 2019 by Harriman House. 

Glen is also a cryptocurrency contributing expert for the London School of Economics and a regular conference speaker. 
He was formerly a Business Correspondent for BBC News and ITV News, interviewing leading politicians, including Boris Johnson, David Cameron and Theresa
Glen’s Facebook page, Glen Goodman – The Shares Guy, has a quarter of a million followers. It focuses on teaching people how to invest sensibly in cryptocurrencies and other assets.
He is regularly interviewed about cryptocurrency for BBC TV & Radio, Reuters TV, Al Jazeera, LBC, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, Forbes, Newsweek, and The Times.
Glen famously turned a £3000 trade into £100,000 by anticipating the 2008 financial crash, an experience he wrote about for The Times.

Martyn Tinsley

Trade Like A Machine

Martyn is an algorithmic trader devising strategies to underpin the investment fund he now manages.

He brings a long-standing commitment to trading the financial markets driven by a passion for a deep understanding of how price action behaves and the psychological factors behind it.

Aided by his background in major computer systems development, mathematics, computational research and data analysis, Martyn has now dedicated his skills to algorithmic trading and achieving alpha from the financial markets.

Martyn focuses on a philosophy of continual improvement for his strategies in terms of both performance and risk management, as well as reducing portfolio correlation by targeting multi-timeframe strategies across a range of assets.

Charlie Burton

charlie burton trading

Charlie has been trading for 24 years of which 19 have been full time. Charlie featured in the BBC documentary, ‘Traders; Millions by the minute’, and is regularly interviewed on BBC radio, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC’s The One Show and is also a regular guest and interviewer on Tip TV (now Core Finance).

In 2013, Charlie undertook a trading challenge to see if he could take a typical $10,000 trading account and turn it into $100,000 within 2 years. He achieved the goal, but it took 2½ years, a tremendous result demonstrating what can be achieved on a small account.

Charlie is a professional trader and manages money for investors via Pelican Asset Management.

Charlie also runs the trader community www.charlieburtontrading.com

Chris Tubby

Chris Tubby


Senior Director Trading and Education. Using my 50 years in the industry to demystify trading and help you discover your inner trader.

Chris Tubby is a veteran trader with over 4 decades of trading experience. Chris began his career in commodities in the 70`s and became senior trader at the age of 22 for a U.S commodity trade house. Chris transitioned to the financial futures markets when they arrived in London in `82. In the mid 80`s he opened his own proprietary trading company as well as providing execution for tier 1 institutions.

His trading expertise is extremely varied – prop trading, multi-leg strategies and arbitrage. He spent many years as a market-maker for international exchanges (such as CME) on a variety of financial and commodity products. This includes four years at an Italian bank, Fineco, in Milan as a market-maker and in London as part of a team providing liquidity to both the major oil futures exchanges (CME and ICE).

Anna Ikerte


Anna started trading forex in 2014. After taking many courses, different mentorships, and even signal services, she couldn’t see an improvement in her trading. After changing her mindset and many hours of backtesting and focusing on fewer pairs, Anna started to see consistency in her trading. In 2019 Anna began to trade full time and is still improving her trading skills today. She shares her experience on her youtube channel, Anna Fx.

Paul Wallace


After a career in the Royal Air Force Paul started trading whilst working in the City during the dot-com boom of the late-nineties. Paul is a full-time financial trader with more than 30 years’ experience working in competitive, results-driven,  performance environments. He has experience trading both as an individual and for funds.

He focuses on trading FX, Indices and Commodities markets. He has coached and mentored traders for over 10 years. Paul has always been fascinated by success, achievement, and peak
performance, whether on the battlefield, sports-field, boardroom, or financial markets.

Paul blogs about his own trading at FXTraderPaul.com. He runs the trader support practice, Tradingbeliefs, helping traders manage and improve their overall performance.

Paul Scott


Paul’s career in the Institutional trading world began in 1994, as the son of a 30-year veteran trader on the London Metal Exchange.

Since 2015, his focus has been teaching retail traders how to change their perception of trading and to help his students to cut through all the BS out there in the Retail Trading World.

Not bound by any NDA’s, he lifts the lid on how the Institutional trading world really works, how markets are manipulated and reveals the rules of the game.

Saul Lokier


Saul is a fund manager for international forex funds with over 12 years of experience. He is a very well-known speaker in many recognized forums such as investing.com and fxstreet.com. He manages funds for international forex funds, as well as personal accounts. Saul has coached more than 5000 traders and is in charge of the day-to-day operation of The5ers.

Gary Langley

the scruffy trader

Gary, The Scruffy Trader, has been in the markets since 2015, his aim is to show real-life forex trading and how to make a living of it.
Gary has over 20 years of high-level business experience in relevant markets with a wide range of knowledge, that he can explain in plain English.

Jordon Mellor


Jordon is a professional Forex Trader for over 6 years. While trading he underwent a qualification in Financial Services and uses that knowledge to help him manage prop funds, as well as personal accounts.

Jordon is the manager and host of TradeDelicious, a brand new content creation company with one big ambition, help traders grow. Help traders grow their social circles, their careers, their experience, and their worth in all in place.

Yaniv Elbaz


Yaniv is an avid technical analyst, and passionate forex, stocks, and futures trader since 2008.
His background as a software engineer with an MBA in Finance, a product manager, and a trader in the financial markets has put him in key positions in leading online and financial companies.

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