Traders day Tournament

put your trading skills to the test

Join ‘Traders Day Live’ Trade-off and try to beat other traders

Traders Day Tournament

Prove your skills at the largest on-stage trading tournament


Tournament Parameters

Good luck traders!

Why you should save your seat

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Million dollars in prizes

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Forex and stocks head to head

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Real-time data feed

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2 hours of excitement and adrenaline
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Prizes in different criteria
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Participation is free to all attendees


You can choose between 2 markets: Stocks or forex.
For each market, you will have 1 asset (1 stock or 1 currency pair) to trade on.

From merchandise and trophies all the way to massive trading accounts!

The trading platform called Trader Evolution, it’s a professional trading space for all traders.
When you sign up for the event and the tournament, you will get 2 trading accounts:
1st account – test/demo: with this account you will be able to test and play with the platform. You have no limitation, you can buy and sell as much as you want.
2nd account – tournament account, this will be used for the day of the event, it will be disabled until the opening of the tournament hour.
You can download the desktop version – here
You can download the mobile version – IOS | Android
Manual guide – Desktop | Mobile
Overview videos on the platform are available on Trade The Pool youtube channel.

You will have 2 hours to trade, from 12:00 – 14:00 London time (at the day of the event).

Yes, to participate in the tournament, you will need a laptop or a smartphone.

We have created a live simulated environment, that will replay a specific trading day to trade on.

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